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Campervan Summit Meeting 2019

Pictures from a week ago. The Campervan Summit Meeting 2019 is history. It was the last stop on our festival tour in 2019. Now the autumn / winter trips are coming up. Many thanks to @camprepublic for the organization and implementation. The # cvsm19 brought us back to a campsite we have been visiting since 1992, but in the last 4 years we had no chance, so the #cvsm was a good opportunity to come back. Overall, a good event and location for hiking, biking and enjoying a good camper company. We are used to the weather conditions in the area from our countless kayaking trips, so we were prepared for that. Unfortunately, our participation in some event events was slowed down by the weather conditions, so we only participated in a few presentations, especially since two of our want see did not appear. Anyway, if we are not at the Atlantic sea in France or Spain as usualy at this time of the year, the CVSM would be an alternative again ========================== [kann unbezahlte Werbung enthalten 🤔] ===========================

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