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Vanagon Year 2018

Not a wrapping up because the #seasonneverends but a short summery about the #campervan trips 2018 before the next longer trip which will goes into 2019. The year started in the #vwcamper in Spain and brought us so far: 16 trips 🚐💨 80 nights in the campervans 🌄 12860 km with the vanagons 🛣 Only 6 countries and after a long streak no Austria and Italy so far. And only 2 festivals, the #gf2018Greenfield in Interlaken and the #gmm18Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel. 🎸 (there were better festival years) But it was a great #camperlife year again, the 29th with our #vwt3california

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