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VW T3 California News

Sunny dry winter day. No salty roads. Took the No. 1 for a spin just to keep him in shape. Seems all the work and financial effort in the last 30 years paid off. The Driving experience with the T3 is still the best compared to our VW LT Florida or the VW T4 California. Feels like as new 30 years ago. Starting with outstanding brakes, steady chassis and smooth and calm running engine. And of course the Diesel engine very quietly in the back of the vanagon. 🚐🤘 The Westy climbed uphill like a chamois thanks to the replaced turbocharger a couple years ago. The thermal system worked well, also uphill no big changes on the temperature gauge. And at the end the engine is staying dry and clean. 👍 It’s really a shame that due the luxury of the little bit more space in the #fatwesty the original Westfalia California came really short taking trips in last months. Should change that mishap next spring. 🤔

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