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The one with the Fatwesty Entertainment

The one about the Fatwesty Entertainment

Most of the the time you don’t need it, but at short and cold winter days sometimes it is convenient to have a little entertainment in the evening. Just your favourite Disney movie for the 27th time on DVD or a little bit netflixing, just a short game or local news with DVB-T2.

The equipment:

20” Flatscreen TV with triple tuner, DVD, HDMI and some other connections. Running with 12V

Amazon Fire TV Stick. Streaming Device for the HDMI port. Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more.

VSG DVB-T2 Antenne with magnetic socket and 5m connection cable.

Nintendo Classic Mini. 20+ classic video games. running from the TV USB port, connected via HDMI. 2 Players!

Huawei Mifi. Mobile wireless router with 4G / LTE. You can also connect to and extend wireless hotspots.

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