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VW LT Florida News

Not only the #vwt3california got something new (see earlier post), the #vwltflorida got a major update too.

*could be perceived as advertising*

I Installed an LEAB LPS "Lithium Power Supply" and a 160wp solar panel from wattstunde. All together with some really great new cable sets from Especially the completely assembled cable sets from Car Electric Hamburg made this projcect doable for me. "ELEKTRISCH STECKBAR EINFACH"

The LPS was placed under 2nd rear bench at the spot from the 2 original

100Ah leisure batteries.

I didn't want to glue the solar panel on the original Westfalia hightop, so I made my own construction for the panel on the original Florida roof rack. Using 30mm aluminum profiles, self sawn ABS fittings and stainless steel U-bolts as double security.

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