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Westypilgrimage2015 - Memories during campathome2020 - Part 1

The el camino leads through our hometown so we found it a good idea to follow the shell symbol to the end of the world.

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary with our VW T3 California campervan, a "loose" ride along the northern Jakobweg to Santiago de Compestella and Finisterre.

One of the first major stops on our Westypilgrimage had nothing to do with the Camino. But as a Disney, Pixar and StarWars fan, the stop at Mickey in Paris was almost a must.

If you travel the French Atlantic coast, Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy is definitely a visit worth.

We never thought we would find dunes of this size in Europe. Next highlight Dune de Pilat.

The tallest sand dune in Europe. 106m high! 2,7km long and 500m wide.

Further south, we discovered a new vacation region for us on this tour, which we then frequently visited.

The coast of the Atlantic in southern France.

Long and wide beaches and surf life, Pine forests and bike paths.

Our favourite spot is Moliet-et-Maa.

At the beginning of October, the WSL makes a stop in Hossegor for the championship race.

High international sports with festival atmosphere.

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