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33 year flashback. Odometer & Blaupunkt Radio

#odometer 😀🤘🚐 installed today. Flashback to my early driving days. In my 1st car, a VW beetle I had a similar km reminder. Now, 33 years later, I have still need for such a vintage thing. 😏 Btw, I just recognized the name of the radio. Nice name for a vintage apple freak. ⌚️

Blaupunkt Cupertino 📻🚐 previous post. Short explanation: I was surprised 😳 by the name of the car radio 📻 in the #vwltflorida . Because my 2nd faible besides traveling w/ my #campervans is my #vintage #apple #macintosh collection. 😀🖥 So #cupertino is a liked to hear name for me. "but I didn't bought the #vwlt because of the name of the radio 😁"

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