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The one about the Sherpas Translift

The one about the Westfalia Sherpas Translift #roofrack. The roofracks on the hightop are the original #sherpastranslift from Westfalia. I installed them 1989 as I bought the westy and took them only off 4 or 5 times for maintenance. Still working and in good condition after nearly 30 years of use. The threads for the upper mounts are in all the Westfalia hightops integrated, so although in the roof of my #vwltwestfalia . The racks can slide up & down for easier loading. I used them for Whitewater kayaks. One on each side, of course works although for surfboards. ….. and of course it holds the flagpole 🤘


(Werbung wegen Namensnennung) Thanks @van.lifer for making the nice side vector of my vanagon 👍 =====================

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