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Westy pilgrimage 2015 recap Part 3

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Westy pilgrimage 2015 recap Part 3 -


Ribadesella is a beautiful coastal town in the wonderful Spanish province Asturias with the Picos de Europa in the background. - As Catedreis beach. On a nice coastal route a beach with many arch rock formations and caves. Nice to see, if you want to see more as the regular joe prepare for knee-deep passages. - From the beautiful coast of Asturias and Galicia it goes up and towards Santiago de Compostela. - The arrival of the pilgrims after their long march is almost more impressive than the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela itself. - From Santiago de Compostela it goes a “short drive” further to the "end of the ancient world" - Capo de Finisterre.


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