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Eat drink camp (and getting influenced)

#eatdrinkcamp 🔁😀




[kann unbezahlte Werbung enthalten]


Calm weekend before the long #rockamring weekend! Just camp, eat & drink, bike, skate and chill! ==============

Shopping thoughts:

Looking at the stuff I ‘m traveling with, I’m afraid the influencer thing works on me. Great stuff from @coalatree only get known through insta. Getting curious about the #merinorunners thru instagram, already have 4 in the family.

The #trailheadpants from coalatree are my most comfortable leisure pants and mostly in daily use. The #kachulablanket is of course a permanent equipment in our #campervans

But after 4 kachulas blankets , 5 trailhead pants, the camper jacket an some goodies as duffel bag and the great hammock I’m afraid that’s it for us. The products are really great, but the custom and taxes to Europe giving me a too hard time. The last shipment with 3 pants and a jacket was a additional 30% only on these fees, shipping cost not added 😮 Anyway, thanks again to coalatree for making these great products and keep the good work going 👍

At least the great Giesswein shoes are located in Europe.

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