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Propane Tank VW T4 California Revision

Okay, this task is done and should be safe for the next 10 years. Would I do it again: No! Not for the T4 Cali.

I have to do it for the VW LT Florida later this year but there are different conditions. At the VW LT Florida the propane is used for cooking, for the fridge and for the Truma boiler.

The attachment of the tank to the LT is different (easier) and the fittings and especially the filling valve are simpler at this propane tank.

Back to the T4 Cali propane tank:

- Removing it is already a pain in the a… The system w/ the metal straps is annoying. You definitely need a pair of new ones afterwards including new bolts.

- The pressure test including the inspection of the tank itself was 200€

  • Assuming the inert gas regulator exceeded his 10 years, another 125€ for the 3-way Westfalia combo.

  • In our case, we needed a new filling valve, another 135€

  • New holding straps and bolts: 45€

So it’s around 500€ assuming you do the whole assembly by yourself and don’t count your own hours (plenty)

In this case only for cooking. Not noticing the 2-yearly regular DVGW gas checks.

If I would rebuild it to the spirit cooker, maybe it would more efficiently with a little lack of cooking experience.

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